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Study in Poland

Study in Poland – about Poland 


If you want to Study in Poland you should know that Poland’s geographical position between powerful neighbours has created a rich but complicated history. Joining the European Union has allowed Poland to show its true potential and flourish. GDP continues to grow year on year, with no recessions and cities and infrastructure enjoy investment and modernisation allowing easy travel and a vibrant social life. It is also one of the safest countries in the world to live.


Education system in Poland


The Polish education system is now ranked in the world’s top ten and offers EU standard bachelors and research degrees, at a highly competitive cost. International students are attracted by the possibility of doing dual degrees, or to study medicine in Poland, or veterinary sciences, dentistry or business studies.

There are over 400 English-taught study programmes. which include  medicine, dentistry and veterinary science as well as a broad range of courses in the arts and social sciences. The University of Warsaw is ranked as the best university in the country and runs 26 programmes in English, while the renowned Warsaw School of Economics, which enjoys a Europe-wide reputation for excellence, also welcomes international students.

To assist you to Study in Poland Elab offers:

  • Entrance exam preparation workshops.
  • Introductory Polish lessons.
  • individual tuition and mentoring programmes.
  • Assistance with applications for students wanting to study medicine in Poland including personal statements and interview preparation.
  • Assistance with international visas, accommodation and information on tuition fees and living costs.


If you would like to study in a country steeped in history, blessed with medieval architecture and the most modern teaching facilities, where the twelfth century sits cheek by jowl with the twenty-second, contact Elab and come to Poland. Polish people are enormously hospitable, the country itself (with its lakes and mountains, plains and forests) is as diverse as the students who come here to study from all over the world!

To maximise your chances of success Elab’s Consultants will help you with:

  • Advice on suitable courses and universities and guidance on the application process.
  • Advice in creating a strong candidate profile including extracurricular activities.
  • Consultation and access to our Mentor Programme to ensure well prepared application forms reflecting your academic abilities and your language skills. 
  • Submission of applications.

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