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The Netherlands boasts an outstanding standard of education and comparatively low cost of living, so  studying in  Holland will  provide you with true value for money. In addition, many Dutch universities offer grants and loans that can reduce or fully cover the very reasonable tuition fees -with a current interest rate of 0 per cent –  and contribute to living expenses.


University selection and applications

Elab will take you through your higher education options in The Netherlands and help you choose an ideal course and location, which meet your needs and interests. Holland has two types of university, so we must first determine whether you want to apply for a three-year course to a Research University, with its strictly academic focus and traditional teaching methods, or a four- year course at a University of Applied Science.  Universities of Applied Science offer a modern, practical educational journey, where project and group work are the norm, and students are go on a wide variety of work placements, so they can combine theory with practice in a business setting. Graduates from universities make connections in the corporations and organisations they work with and this helps them secure work on graduation.

Elab will  guide you through your university and course choices and establish which documents you need to gather together and when your application has to be submitted – since this varies from course to course. You may apply to four universities and applications can be submitted at the beginning of the academic year – for the following year. Contact elab for more information on studying in The Netherlands.


Elab will provide applicants with information on campus and private accommodation options ,as well as grants and loans, how to apply for  residency, average living costs … and anything else you may wish to ask. So contact Elab today, if you are interested in studying in The Netherlands.


If you want to study in a particular country, contact us, and we will help you find the course and university of your dreams.

Elab can also organise short English language courses abroad,  as well as summer schools. Get in touch for more details and dates.

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