Study abroad – Politics

Politics  can be summed up as the analysis of political structures and institutions , in order to determine who has power in a political system and how this shapes the way in which societies are organised. All politics courses cover core topics, such as political theory, comparative and international politics, concepts of legitimacy, accountability and the process of governance. Politics students will learn methodology, develop strategic thinking skills and analytical abilities they can exploit in their research work.

Politics courses vary in their emphasis, so it is worth reading each prospectus carefully, to determine if the modules and placements are Eurocentric or more general. Among the modules which are currently being taught in UK politics departments are: terrorism and international security; conflict resolution and war; international relations; democracy; ethnic conflicts; the politics of sustainability; decision-making and the history of activism. Whether you are interested in the local, national or international level, you will find a course which offers you the right mix of options and specialisms.

Political theories are used to untangle the complexities of the contemporary world. Students are encouraged to think critically about political events – whether considering global inequality, gender politics, civil war or uneven economic growth – and draw on the principles and literature available to them to produce coherent arguments and analyses.

Many universities have close links with government agencies and organisations, and can offer students the opportunity to take up short or year-long placements within a political hub, where they can gain first-hand knowledge about the role of government, the executive, lobbyists and NGOs.

Over 25 per cent of politics students carry on and pursue postgraduate degrees. Graduates will find a vast range of potential career paths open to them, on completing their first degree.

Key statistic:

Just over 55 per cent of politics graduates are in employment within six months of finishing their course, while 26 per cent  continue their studies and take postgraduate courses.

Top five graduate destinations:

Policy analysis
Political consultancy
Local and central government
Charity work
Social media management

Key areas of employment:

Civil service

Universities where you can study Politics:

Coventry, England


International Experience, Automotive Courses, Engineering, Business and Management, Health and Life Sciences, Art and Design

£ 9 250 – 13 250

Swansea, Wales


Engineering, Geography, History

£ 9 250-13 250 

Leicester, England


Art and Design, Pharmacy, MBA Global, Mechatronics, Engineering Management 

£ 9 250-13 250