Study abroad – economics

Is an economics degree for me?

Economics is the study of wealth creation and how this influences policy making, international relations , politics and society in the real world. Economics courses focus on the global and national economy and introduce students to the theories and models which are used to analyse the issues faced by individuals, governments and businesses. A vast number of options and specialisms are covered on the courses, including:

inflationary pressures,
monetary policy,
creating employment,
the allocation and protection of resources
barriers to economic growth.

 Economic principles are used to analyse and evaluate problems, alongside econometric techniques, quantitative analysis, statistics and core mathematics. Students are expected to have a good level of mathematics, since this is essential for handling and analysing data. With rapid globalisation growing from year to year, international trade  has become a key area of study in the field, alongside the role of economics in society, and sustainability in business.

Many universities offer joint degrees, so you can take economics with accountancy, finance, business, politics – and even Chinese or art history!

Key statistic:

74.3 per cent of graduates are in work within six months of finishing their degree; a sizeable minority continue their studies  at post-graduate level, and specialise in economics or related fields.

Top five graduate destinations:



Market research

Credit analysis/insurance

Local government

Key areas of employment:

Data scientist

Actuarial analysis


Management consultancy


Investment analysis


Financial risk analysis

Civil service

Diplomatic service

Charity and voluntary work

Universities where you can study economics:

Oxford, England


Humanities, Law, MBA

£10,105 – 30,540

Cambridge, England


Economics, Law, Science

£10,00 – 29,000


Coventry, England



International Experience, Automotive Courses, Engineering, Business and Management, Health and Life Sciences, Art and Design



Coventry, England



Economics, International Studies, WMG

£ 6,750 – 9,250