Postgraduate Study in the US

Postgraduate programs in the United States

Our postgraduate program is a personalised educational advisory program, designed for applicants who are planning to gain a Master’s degree at a foreign university.

Elab has overseen and put together literally thousands of successful applications to study overseas. Irrespective of which university is your dream destination, let us help you secure a place on the course you want to study.

This program was designed to provide individualised help and support for undergraduates and graduates seeking to apply to gain a Master’s degree at a foreign university. If you are thinking of applying to the world’s most prestigious academic institutions, then this program is for you!

We will work with you to prepare an effective, well-organised and comprehensive application to the world’s most demanding and rigorous universities, such as: the LSE, King’s College and the University of Amsterdam… and many, many more.

The program begins with a detailed diagnostic test, which will discover your strongest abilities and help us to determine your needs. Using this data, we will compile a personalised university report and, together, we will help you choose the best course at the right academic institution.

The entire application process will be overseen and monitored by your consultant in, alongside the mentor we assign you, who will already be following the course you wish to apply for at a foreign university. Remember, applying for postgraduate courses is an extremely long process and one which demands a high degree of commitment on the part of everyone involved if it is to have a successful conclusion. Elab’s experts will assist you to create a CV which meets academic requirements, as well as support you in writing a strong application essay and, in so doing, greatly increase your chances of being accepted.

Studying for a Master’s degree abroad is not merely a wonderful adventure, but it is also a way of investing in yourself and your own skills and talents. This experience will expand your horizons, as well as introducing you to people from all over the world and helping you to start building up a remarkable social network.

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