is your life losing sense

Six signs that your life is losing sense and direction

When you are feeling down

Do you feel that you’ve lost the desire to live and something in the depths of your soul is telling you that this is not the autumn blues?

Check  the signs which indicate that your life is losing its focus and sense of direction.

1. You wake up in the morning with an enormous hangover and you gain no pleasure from thinking about  the fun you had the previous evening.

 You drowned your sorrows in alcohol yet again. You threw yourself into partying in order to blot out any thoughts about what to do with your life and the point of your whole miserable existence. Alcohol makes things easier -it just shuts off part of your brain and blocks the pain. Unfortunately, it won’t shine a light in your tunnel and show you a way out, a solution. You do feel like you are losing sense. The only light you’ll see in this situation is the shiny reflection of the toilet seat. Sad.

2. You constantly feel that you have wasted years of your life studying something which is totally pointless.

 You chose this subject because, well,  for God’s sake, you just had to choose something. Now you feel as if you have been reading interminable philosophical texts and that it’s all been a waste of time. There’s no work, no sense of perspective, no money. You’d like to go back in time, but unfortunately that can’t happen. This feeling of meaninglessness and senselessness  is your close companion.

3. You are constantly tired, you find it difficult to concentrate and you don’t have the energy to learn anything new.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. You don’t know what to do with your life and that’s a big deal, so it’s not surprising that your thoughts are following a solitary, independent set of tracks.

4. In your life you have always had to  live up to your parents’ expectations

You went to work for a corporation because your father told you it was a solid, decent  job. It doesn’t seem to matter that they are squeezing every last drop of energy out of you  and that you don’t like the work. You have started going speed dating, because your mother wants you to find a husband or wife. Don’t worry. It’s not some kind of madness or desperation – the abyss you are facing and the loss of direction you are living through  have suddenly pushed you to do whatever your parents want you to do.

5. When you look at your CV, you just want to weep

It just looks…feeble. Every friend offers different suggestions , and you no longer know what to add or change so that you finally get an interview. You don’t know where or how to send it, either. Maybe you should  ask a pigeon  messenger to deliver it? Wake up, it’s not Harry Potter!

6. You feel angry with the whole world

You’ve finished your useless course, you are all alone and your are broke. Nobody loves you (apart from your mother).You really have no idea what to do with the rest of your life, your brain is dull and empty. You feel like Rosemary’s Baby floating in the cosmos, an unwanted atom, cast away and apart by fate. Regrets and resentment.

Dear companion of misery, we know this pain. You are not the only person to find yourself lost in a pit of  anguish and indecision, losing sense. Luckily, a team of brothers from Elab Education Laboratory is racing to the rescue, bringing  courses and training  which (we hope, and so should you)will help you to get a grip and light a flame in your heart.

Pull yourself together, knock out an email and  share your reflections and worries with us at Finding a course, or going on a longish trip abroad, will get you back on your feet. We will put together all the fragments of your  busted life and turn it into  a beautiful gift to the world. And we’ll even add a gorgeous yellow ribbon! Are you ready to move on, with us?