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Homeschooling: information and resources for parents, students and teachers

Homeschooling is for everyone

How to help kids with homeschooling. Read Elab Education Laboratory’s tips about how to begin “homeschooling” more easily!

We know that prolonged quarantine at home can dampen the desire to remain mentally active: but continuing to learn and homeschooling are both very important!

Not just to keep ourselves busy, but because – once the Covid-19  emergency finishes – life will start again where we left off.

So why not welcome it back with a little more knowledge?

Homeschooling has already been recognised by the English government as an opportunity to educate children from home, now it has become mandatory due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There is no single method of provision: some schools offer live lessons, some provide deferred lessons, and still others publish materials to access online.

The important thing is not to stop learning.

Elab Education Laboratory wants to  provide you with a list of information and resources that can be used by parents, students and teachers during this period of “homeschooling“.

We would like to advise you on how best to deal with the difficult  times we are experiencing, as well as point you towards useful courses made available by Institutes and Universities.

Where to look for information

First of all, we refer you to the National Health Service, which has set up a specific page for containing the virus, which you can find here. You will find all the hygiene and health standards to keep in mind, updates and press releases, as well as a wide range of questions and answers about the coronavirus.

Save the Children, who care about the well-being of every child, offer basic  suggestions for studying from home with your children. Promoting and developing  independent study with a few simple rules is the basis of the new daily life!, a community based on home schooling, explains the methods that can be applied during your home studying and the routine that you can set up, which  are similar to those used at school, focusing on very specific subjects and important skills such as writing, text comprehension and personal interests.

Digital Solidarity is the initiative of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, with technical support from the Agency for Digital Italy, which aims  to reduce the social and economic impact of coronavirus thanks to innovative solutions and services. Connectivity, e-learning, information, home working and citizen support are some of the categories available –  discover them all.

Department of Education offers help with finding materials great for homeschooling about multiple subjects: History, Literature, Science, and others. All are easy to navigate and find exactly the topic you want to focus at the moment.

Explore particular subjects

 If, on the other hand, you want to explore – you and your children – a particular subject, here are some ideas:

 ART – visit the best museums in the world online: you’ll have the opportunity to see 3D rooms, paintings, artifacts and what you love the most, without having to leave the sofa at home! Google Arts & Culture is a place where you will see a sculpture exhibition, listen to The Royal Philharmonics concert or see the Large Hadron Collider up close. If you don’t feel like watching or reading, podcasts are the best solution. Like, for example, That Classical Podcast, which makes classical music not boring at all.

GEOGRAPHY – the Geographical Association offers various materials for both teachers and students, with interesting blogs on research, nature, animals and climate change. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your knowledge on the subject!

Speaking of geography, you can not forget about Google Earth. Literally every place on Earth (and beyond). A guided tour module (“adventure with Voyager”) is also available, i.e. a combination of animations with comments and notes. Not only the Great Barrier Reef or Egyptian pyramids, but also, for example, well-known places that most of us associate with the Harry Potter movie series. A great way to learn or just to spend free time.

HISTORY – The national archives of the United Kingdom offer online resources and lessons on all historical periods. Here you will find fantastic history courses released by RogersHistory who issue a small completion certificate at the end of the lesson. They also provide interesting additional materials.

MATHEMATICSThis portal is highly appreciated by students thanks to the online school which provides complete courses for anyone who wants to learn mathematics, physics and geometry. Here you can find courses and resources for students and teachers provided by the National Center for Excellence in Teaching and Mathematics.

SCIENCES – Biology Corner offers lessons on genetics, ecology, biology and anatomy together with Science Buddies, which proposes fun science projects to organise with the whole family! You also have Oxford Sparks, a pleasant and direct way of presenting scientific topics to students.

The best universities around the world, including Harvard, Berkeley, Boston University, Sorbonne and many others, offer more than 2,900 MOOCs: free telematic training courses. Take advantage of this unmissable opportunity and use them during your home schooling!

And  why not try some quizzes for all ages, with personalised programs divided into sections for parents, students, tutors and teachers

Don’t stop now!

Don’t stop your future