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Interesting facts about Coventry University

Coventry University has once again been ranked highly in the Guardian University Guide 2019, coming in at Number 13.

I have to admit that the standards at Coventry are quite high; it receives many applications because of its excellent reputation and its broad approach to education.

And this is why so many people decide to leave their hometowns and come to Coventry.

Of course, some courses are taught at a higher level than others, but nowhere is perfect. The lecturers at Coventry University are committed to their work, and give their all in order to make sure they pass on their knowledge to their students. Many of the lecturers have worked in the fields they are teaching, so they are well aware of what information will come in most useful in our job roles, and in our professional futures. The lectures and teaching approach will vary according to the course you are doing.

In my case, I am studying Digital Marketing at Coventry University, and we have regular lectures where we are taught theory and given a range of examples drawn from real life to demonstrate how it can be applied. We also attend seminars, where we work in small groups on specific assignments based on what we have learned in class.

On my course, we also go to PC/digilab workshops, where we can use the university’s tablets and laptops to work on projects, create advertisements, devise marketing campaigns or work on apps. Other courses will offer other options, of course. If you want to get a clearer picture of what the teaching methods consist of, go to the Coventry University website, and look at the course description for the subject you are interested in.

Personally, I am very pleased with the choice I made, and I feel that the level of instruction I am being given is extremely high. The knowledge we are taught at Coventry University is conveyed in an accessible and professional way. My own lecturers are real specialists in their field and I can ask them anything  and be sure that they will know how to answer my question.

Every university has its own hidden secrets and fascinating places to explore. The campus at Coventry is very large and is located right in the middle of town. Most of the university buildings are very close to each other  so it’s easy to move around on foot.

Let me tell you a little about the best and most interesting places we have to offer. First of all, there is the library. Library in the Coventry University is spread out over five floors  and you will always be able to find a quiet corner to work in or read, or to have an enjoyable time-out. Every floor has a different function. For example, the ground floor is set aside for group work and the first floor is known as the Silent Floor, since it is forbidden to talk there, in order not to disturb others.

The library also has many rooms which you can book for free so that you and your team can work on joint projects together. The ground floor also has a small cafeteria which sells tasty food. My friends and I enjoy hanging out there between lectures. The library also has computers and printers you can use, both of which are very important to students.

Just next to the library, you will find the Computing and Engineering Building, which has its very own Starbucks, and offers many places where you can study in peace. Another good spot is the so-called Hub, the heart of student life at Coventry University. The Hub has a cinema, bars, shops, places where you can study and cloakrooms. The Hub is very popular with students, because you can find whatever you are looking for in that one place.

When the weather is fine and warm, it’s possible to climb up onto the roof of the Hub, which has a wonderful garden to enjoy and benches to sit on. The view from the roof is spectacular and  is an ideal spot from which to admire Coventry Cathedral, which is just opposite. One of my favourite campus buildings is the newest addition to Coventry University — recently opened by Prince William and Kate – a building which also has a Starbucks, places to study and a gym for weights and working out.

I am sure to have forgotten lots of great places, because the campus is so large it’s only too easy to overlook some of what it contains. To sum up, I recommend Coventry University and feel I am getting a great education in an attractive city and a vibrant campus.

Why not apply? Come here and see what studying at Coventry is all about!