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Virtual Class with Elab – Engineering

April 23, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Engineering discover this course in UK

Discover Engineering

See all of our Virtual Classes and discover your options and the opportunities awaiting you abroad – Engineering

LIVE: Engineering – Learn what you can study abroad as an Italian. Everything that you need to know about studying abroad is right here! If you have any additional questions, just contact Elab and we will give you the information you require. We are only ever an email away…

Guests: Brunel University London, University of Portsmouth and University of Hertfordshire

All those robots and technology…is this for me and should I study engineering?

What do the following words all have in common:

  • aerospace,
  • chemical,
  • petroleum,
  • civil,
  •  structural,
  • electrical,
  • geotechnical,
  • environmental?

Well, the answer is that they are all forms of engineering!

The word engineer comes from the Latin  for “ingenuity” and this sums up the role of engineers in society. Engineers drive innovation in order to find solutions to problems.  Engineers invent, analyse, build and test systems, materials  and structures, using a combination of team work, problem-solving, decision-making and project management skills.

We are all familiar with the Great Wall of China, the pyramids at Gaza and those built by the Aztecs, as well as the immense buildings  reaching for the skyline in Dubai, London’s beautiful Shard and Gherkin , Rome’s Coliseum – the list is endless. All these structures and designs may have originated with artists and architects,  but they were turned into reality by  engineers. What we may not realise is that engineers don’t just build bridges, aqueducts and dams – they also devise prosthetics for the physically challenged, research clean energy sources, discover new medicines, create tools for eradicating global pollution –  and robots which will change the way we run our homes and organisations.

Fortune 500s CEO’s were asked about what they studied at university – and the largest percentage of the respondents  (20 per cent) said that they were engineering graduates. This is food for thought. In addition, engineers have excellent earning potential, are always in high demand and amass the transferable skills which make them an asset to every type of business and sector in society. Engineering is a great career choice.

So if you get good grades in maths and science (and love algebra, calculus and physics) an engineering career is within your grasp. Join Elab‘s webinar and find out how you can change the world and tackle its many problems. Apply to study engineering and make your mark.

Engineering join us on 23 april



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April 23, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Elab Education Laboratory Italy


Virtual Class con Elab