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Do you have the attributes to become a future student of medicine?

What makes you a good student of medicine?

Becoming a doctor is not easy. Find out what features you need to have to be a great student of medicine.

Medicine is all you think about? Many young people dream of becoming a doctor and building a career on the international stage. If you are among them, read on!

There is only one path which leads you to fulfilling your aims and realising your dream: studying medicine abroad. Applying to study medicine is a process which includes many steps and elements, and we have touched upon this in a different article.

What do you need to have to study medicine?

As well as having an excellent mastery of English , high scores in the entry tests – such as the UCAT/BMAT/IMAT – and outstanding matura results, you need to be able to answer one vital question: do you have all the personal  attributes to become a future student of medicine?

The National Health Service (NHS) the British health service, has published a document which lists six personal qualities  which anyone who is dreaming of becoming a doctor should possess. Check whether you already have these traits, which are indispensable for a student of medicine:

1. Care

Patients expect care at every stage of their lives. Taking care of others is a precise description of  the role of doctors and their profession, and providing this care improves the health of specific people and, in the process, that of society as a whole.

2. Compassion

When compassion is combined with care, this produces empathy  and respect for patients in the doctor-patient relationship. It can also be described as intelligent kindness , and this is of key importance  and significantly affects how patients accept the care which doctors offer them.

3. Competence

Competences are vital and allow doctors to fully understand the needs of  every individual patient. Competence also refers to the importance of having specialised clinical knowledge  and technical skills, in order to ensure that the care which patients receive is effective, and based on evidenced research findings.

4. Communication

Communication is the key to  creating a successful working relationship between people.   Although what we say is important, it is equally essential to know how to listen to patients. Strong communication abilities will ensure that both the doctor, and the patient who is receiving the care, will be satisfied with their treatment.

5. Courage

Courage is the quality which determines whether a doctor will be brave enough to take a risk when faced with a difficult situation and voice their misgivings at an appropriate moment, and to the right people. In addition, doctors need courage to expand the world of medicine, introduce innovative technology  and find answers to new and emerging problems in the field of health.

6. Commitment

Commitment to patients is the basis of a doctor’s role, and it is this sense of commitment which improves levels of care. Day after day, doctors undertake tasks designed to meet the health challenges  facing their patients in the most effective way – and this is impossible without commitment.

I f you have all these indispensable qualities demanded of a student of medicine, then that is wonderful! A combination of the above-noted traits is essential , not only while you are studying medicine but also when you have qualified and become a practising doctor.

Not ready to study medicine?

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