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Study Social sciences in the UK – studiare materie umanistiche all’estero – studia nauki społeczne za granicą

Study Social sciences abroad

Study Social Sciences abroad – Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Study Social Sciences Abroad: The term Liberal Arts has a Latin origin and refers to the seven subjects which were traditionally thought to be essential to the education of a free man. 

This programme was designed for students interested in humanities, social sciences, philosophy, literature, law and politics.

Areas of study include:

Related careers:

Study Social Sciences Abroad - Outline of the programme

Studying humanities, social sciences and law is an excellent way of investing in your own skills.
These courses will teach you how to compose and deliver a compelling argument, where to look for information, how to hold your own in debates on a wide range of subjects, how to analyse texts and draw conclusions from what you have read and, most importantly, how to absorb and process a large volume of information.

The latter is relevant and highly sought after in today’s modern, dynamic employment market.

The programme comprises:

Complete a thorough diagnostic test designed to highlight strengths and interests and determine suitable career directions. 

Mentor feedback will provide Elab with additional insights and information and allow us to build up a detailed picture of the applicant’s abilities and expectations. 

You will be given a personalised report with feedback and recommendations from the assessment process based on findings and suggestions including:

–  potential courses and universities

–  profile, descriptions, comments and relevant statistics on selections. 

Discuss findings with a Mentor and Consultant and make a final decision on the course you wish to study and the five universities you wish to apply to, based on our suggestions and your predicted grades;

Complete necessary documentation and submit a professional UCAS application with close support from an Elab Consultant (see below)

Receive advice on finding accommodation, financing and settling in. 

UCAS Application Documentation 

Once the assessment and diagnostic stage is complete the Consultant and applicant will start working on the application documents, comprising:

  • Personal Statement
  • Reading lists and supplementary courses
  • Predicted Grades
  • References
Nauka w liceum

Study Social Sciences Abroad

The success of each application will depend on a number of factors, most importantly how a candidate presents their experience, character and future plans.We will help you clarify, develop and expand each of these elements, in order to make your application striking and effective.

Contact Elab for further information or to book a consultation.

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