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Study Business and Management Abroad

Study Business and Management Abroad – how Elab can help you

The  Business and Management Programme  has been created for the future leaders, businessmen, financiers and entrepreneurs amongst you. Elab can offer you support in applying to the world’s leading business schools to study business and management.

Business and Management - Study Abroad

Studying business and management in Europe, the UK or the USA  will hone and improve your abilities in a number of vital fields, for example: analysing data, working as part of a team, thinking and leadership skills, public speaking and presentation delivery. This is an excellent choice for ambitious and creative individuals who want to move confidently into the exciting world of international trade, business, management or finance.

Elab’s Business and Management Programme supports students who enjoy studying subjects such as economics, maths and geography at school, and wish to study undergraduate courses in the fields of:

  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration
business and management

Business and Management Abroad

The success of each application will depend on a number of factors, most importantly how a candidate presents their experience, character and future plans. We will help you clarify, develop and expand each of these elements, in order to make your application striking and effective - wherever you wish to study business and management.

Popular career choices for graduates in the above fields include, amongst many others:

What is the best business course to study? Discover your options with our Business and Management Programme

Outline of the programme

Complete a thorough diagnostic test designed to highlight your strengths and interests and determine suitable career directions. 

Mentor feedback will provide Elab with additional insights and information and allow us to build up a detailed picture of your abilities and expectations

Receive a personalised report with feedback and recommendations from the assessment process and suggestions including:

–  potential courses and universities where you can study business and management

–  profile, descriptions, comments and relevant statistics on selections. 

Discuss findings with a Mentor and Consultant and make a final decision on the course you wish to study and the universities you wish to apply to, based on our suggestions and your predicted grades;

Complete the  necessary documentation and submit a professional application with close support from an Elab Consultant (see below)

Receive advice on finding accommodation, financing and settling in. 

Application Documentation - Business and Management Studies Abroad

Once the assessment and diagnostic stage is complete the Consultant and applicant will start working on the application documents,  which vary according to whether you are applying to study business and management in a European university, the USA or the UK. Deadlines differ from one country to another and the criteria used by the applications committees are not identical .

 It is important to note that, if you are thinking of studying business and management  in Denmark or the Netherlands, you will need to demonstrate that you have taken courses for a given number of hours in relevant subjects at secondary school.

Dutch and Danish universities place a great deal of emphasis on suitability and school preparation for higher education. For example, if you are interested in doing a degree in engineering, you will need to show that you have done well in maths , chemistry or physics. In contrast, the US expects applicants to the better universities to sit the standardised Scholastic Aptitude Test, commonly referred to as the SAT, and your score will play a significant part in deciding whether or not you are offered a place. In the UK, by contrast,  there is no entrance test for studying business and management, and no emphasis on demonstrating a passion for finance and a track record of studying economics. Instead, you simply  upload your application paperwork  to the UCAS online portal.

As you can see, the list of documents you need to produce depends on where you are going to study business and management, but most universities will ask you for:

  • A Personal Statement, explaining why you believe you are suitable candidate to study business and management.
  • Predicted Grades
  • School reports (translated, if necessary)
  • References
  • Proof of English proficiency

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