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Study Art in the UK – studia artystyczne w anglii – studia artystyczne za granicą – art and design all estero

Study Art in the UK

Study Art in the UK – building your portfolio

Our Art and Design Programme is designed for creative students wanting to study art in the UK at the world’s most renowned art, music and film institutions – or at other leading destinations overseas.

How do I get into art school UK?

Our programme focuses on working with Mentors in order to produce an excellent portfolio and prepare for interviews to study in the UK or the USA at the world’s most prestigious and outstanding schools of art or design.

Through this programme we have helped students enrol in TU Delf, UCL Bartlett, and Glasgow School of Art. We have also helped students to join Parsons School of Design, study film at NYU and visual arts at UIC Barcelona.

Our portfolio workshops run for 120 hours at weekends, in conjunction with local schools of drawing, to help you put together a striking, unique and modern portfolio. We also provide one-to-one sessions with foreign portfolio experts, should you wish to avail yourself of this service.

What kind of jobs can you get with an art degree?

Study Art in the UK - Outline of the programme

This programme was designed for creative applicants who want to pursue a career in architecture, or who are dreaming of studying a wide range of subjects connected to art, fashion, film and design. 

One of the most important elements of your application to study art and design is your portfolio. Admissions tutors will decide whether or not to invite you to interview based on the quality of the portfolio you submit. Elab will not only help you ensure your application is excellently crafted but will also review your portfolio and guide you on how to improve and present it.

Our art and design programme is divided into a number of stages to maximise your chances of admission to the best institutions. 

Programme Study Art in the UK comprises:

UCAS Application Documentation

Once the assessment and diagnostic stage is complete the Consultant and applicant will start working on the application documents comprising:

  • Personal Statement
  • Reading lists and supplementary courses
  • Predicted Grades
  • References
art and design

What is the best university to study art?

The success of each application will depend on a number of factors, most importantly how a candidate presents their experience, character and future plans .We will help you clarify, develop and expand each of these elements, in order to make your application striking and effective.

Contact Elab for further information or to book a consultation.

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