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Study abroad - Free help with Applications

Studying Abroad – Free help with your application

Elab offers free assistance for applicants to a number of popular European destinations, typically the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. We help almost 1,000 students each year to complete and submit professional applications.

studia za granicą za darmo elab - Study abroad for free with elab

Study Abroad - Elab's free support

take advantage of Elab’s help and support to maximise your chances of being accepted on the course of your dreams at a university abroad.

What does a free application with Elab include?

Stage 1 - Preparing your Application

We will allocate you a personal Elab Consultant and set up a meeting to begin the application process by:

  • reviewing your High School subjects and discussing the courses you consider studying, and where you want to apply
  • providing you with a report on appropriate courses and the five universities which best suit your aspirations and interests. The report will include the university entry requirements at High School level. Offers of a place at a British university are based on projected High School results
  • providing you with further information you require to decide where you would like to apply, and help you set up a UCAS account, in which applications to British universities are centrally processed
  • assisting with writing your Personal Statement, which is a key part of the application process. You will also need to get one or more references, usually from a high school teacher, to upload to UCAS
  • providing you with information on student loans, grants and scholarships
  • providing details of key deadlines

Stage 2 - Submitting your Application

Applications must be complete and accurate to maximise your chances of receiving an offer.

Elab helps by:

  • checking your application documentation
  • notifying you of deadlines for your chosen universities
  • reviewing, discussing and responding to the offers you receive. There are two types of offers:

Note: if you are applying to the UK you will need to choose two out of your original five options. One firm (preferred university) and one as an insurance (backup) option.

Stage 3 - Accepting and Finalising your Application

Once you receive your final High School grades you need to complete the final steps:

  • Send them to your Elab Consultant and your two chosen universities. If you have met the university’s offer requirements, or have an unconditional offer, you need to notify the university - for the UK – this is done on UCAS Track
  • If you have not achieved the expected grades, your consultant will run you through your options – the UK has a centralised UCAS Clearing process which provides information on other available places to consider
  • Your Elab Consultant will provide you with practical information on applying for a place in halls of residence and on how to get a student loan, local costs, bank accounts, etc.
bezpłatne studia za granicą - Study abroad for free

Over 1000 applicants choose Elab's free help with studying abroad every year.

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Free help with studying abroad. Contact us and receive a free report on UK universities.

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