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Study abroad for free – what do I need to know? 

With Elab’s Study Abroad For Free  help you can apply to EVERY university in the UK, along with chosen universities in Denmark and the Netherlands.  We will support you throughout the whole process: from choosing a university and a course, through preparing and sending off your application, and applying for halls of residence and student loans.

studia za granicą za darmo elab - Study abroad for free with elab

Study Abroad for free  – take advantage of Elab’s help and support to maximise your chances of being accepted on the course of your dreams at a university abroad.

Free help with studying abroad – essential information:

  1. If you are sitting the matura this year you will still be able to apply for a loan to cover your tuition fees in the UK. What does that mean? Anyone who starts their course in 2020 will continue to be subject to the same regulations as in previous years, and this includes the cost of tuition fees – £9,250 per year.
  2. If you submit your application before 15 January, you are guaranteed that the university will consider it.
  3. British universities recruit students on the basis of their anticipated matura results.
bezpłatne studia za granicą - Study abroad for free

A large percentage of our applicants choose the popular option of free help with studying in the UK.

Studying abroad – What does a free application with Elab consist of?

  1. Get in touch with us. Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, call us or set up a consultation by using the form in the top right-hand corner of this page.
  2. We will discuss your interests, what you would like to study, and the subjects you will be sitting for matura (and remember ,even the very best British universities do not demand more than three extended subjects).
  3. We will give you a report on universities and courses (as well as the requirements, whether you are sitting the matura or the IB) based on the field you have chosen.
  4. From this point onwards, your personal consultant will help and guide you through the whole application process. We will work together to choose five courses or universities which you would like to apply to – this can be the same subject for each university, or related courses at different universities.
  5. You will be shown how to set up a UCAS account and your personal consultant will answer any questions you may have and check your application form, just to make sure everything is in order.
  6. It is now time to write your personal statement and get your references , and once again your Elab consultant will help you! You will be provided with guidelines and instructions on how to produce the best possible versions of both documents. Next, we will check everything for grammar and vocabulary and confirm the application in the UCAS system.
  7. Is everything ready? Let’s send off the application. 
studia za granicą bezpłatnie - free studies with Elab

Free help with studying abroad – find out about the requirements, additional financial help and the application process.

Studying abroad – the next steps

The first stage of the application process is behind you now. What is happening to your application?

The university receives your completed and correctly filled in application form.

The admissions committee looks through your application. This is not done automatically by a computer, but by people. What does that imply ?All the effort you put into filling in your application really counts! Your personal statement and your references play a major part in determining whether or not you will be offered a place. Whether you get in or not totally depends on the results you achieve in your exams.

studia za granicą bezpłatna pomoc

Studying abroad – Elab’s free help is open and available to everyone.

Studying abroad – how to succeed in getting accepted to study abroad?

Let’s return to the application:

  1. You get a reply from the university. If your application has had a positive response you will get an offer. Congratulations!
  2. Your Elab consultant will help you choose the two best offers. These are the courses and universities where you most want to enrol and study.
  3. You sit the matura/ Once you have got your results you send them on to your Elab consultant, and then to the universities you have chosen.
  4. You apply for a place in halls of residence and a student loan, buy a ticket, pack and count down the days to your departure!
studia za granicą darmowe - study abroad for free

More than a thousand of our applicants every year opt for Elab’s free help with studying abroad.

Our free help makes everything amazingly simple.
Contact Elab today and let’s send off your application together!

Free help with studying abroad.
Contact us and receive a free report on UK universities.

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Free help with studying abroad. Contact us and receive a free report on UK universities.

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