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Costs of studies in UK – university rankings

Costs of studies in UK – university rankings

How much does it cost to study in Great Britain? – university rankings

What does it cost to study in the UK?– this question is no doubt going through the minds of everyone who is weighing up whether to study abroad. Post Brexit, tuition fees have gone up for international students, who can also no longer access student loans. Certain universities are nevertheless offering students from the EU scholarships and discounts so that they can cover the cost of studying in the UK. Below, you will find eight universities whose tuition fees are reasonably low. Check out the descriptions of these universities – and soon you too can start studying abroad.

The cheapest universities in UK – ranking

Robert Gordon University – the cheapest university in the UK

This public university in located in Aberdeen in Scotland. Founded in 1992, it is one of the most financially attractive universities in the UK. The university specialises in business and technical courses. Robert Gordon University has been proclaimed the best university established after 1992 in Scotland, and offers one of the broadest ranges of Master’s courses in the UK. Undergraduate tuition fees start at £5,000, and £6,750 for postgraduate studies. The undergraduate fees can be reduced by 20 per cent, through the Alumni Loyalty Discount, which applies to students who carry on to take a Master’s, on finishing their undergraduate degree. All students are entitled to apply for financial help from the International Fund, as well as the Emergency Loan Fund – additional financial help which is awarded to individuals who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Cheap studies in Great Britain – London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University is located in central London and was established in 2002. The university has unrivalled state of the art laboratory facilities for the sciences, which are among the best in Europe. London Metropolitan University offers an extremely wide choice of courses, in science, IT and business-finance.

Popular courses include:

Although tuition fees start at £13,200 the university also offers EU Transition Scholarships. These scholarships reduce tuition fees by up to £5250 (depending on your course)for students from the EU who enroll in January 2022. It is also possible to apply for an Early Payment Discount, a three per cent reduction in fees, which can be claimed by applicants who pay their fees in advance on enrolling, but before the course has started.

Get in touch with Elab and we will run through all your options for securing financial help, through scholarships and discounts, when studying in the UK. Our experts at Elab Education Laboratory are in constant contact with representatives from every British university, and we have the latest updates on how to finance your studies, so call or email us -and we will help you with everything.

What is the cost of studying in the UK ? – University of Suffolk

Established in 2007, as a joint venture between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia, the University of Suffolk is located in the east of England. The university has four campuses across Norfolk and Suffolk and has been acclaimed as one of the best British universities for its choice of courses and the high quality of its teaching , as well as its emphasis on preparing students for the job market, in the  WhatUni Student Choice Awards (2019).

Popular courses at the University of Suffolk include:

  • Architecture and Art
  • Business and Marketing
  • Constructions and Engineering
  • Dance
  • Politics

How much are tuition fees at this university? Tuition fees for undergraduate courses start at £11,500, while postgraduate fees begin at £11,790.The university offers EU Scholarships, which reduce the fees to £9,250. In addition, you can apply for an EU Travel Bursary, which will give you up to £200 if you are moving to the UK to take up studying. Students who will be starting at the Ipswich campus in September 2022 are entitled to apply for the 1000 GBP Award which, as the name suggests, will give them £1000 towards their costs.

In addition, the monthly cost of living at the University of Suffolk is, on average, approximately £400-800 for rent,£100-300 for food and £60 for transport.

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Studying in the UK at Coventry University 

How much does it cost to study at Coventry University? This British university is also financially beneficial for students from the EU. In addition, it provides a huge range of courses and comes 50th in the UK’s university rankings, according to The Guardian. Coventry University is one of the most dynamic, expanding, and largest universities in the UK. The university has a number of campuses, in Coventry, London and Wrocław. Coventry offers over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses, for example: Accountancy, Banking , Business. Digital Marketing, and Biomedical Science.

Tuition fees at Coventry University start at £12,000, with second degree fees costing upwards of £11,790. Just like the University of Suffolk, the University of Coventry also offers EU students a tuition fee reduction to £9,250 and provides an Alumni Discount if you stay on for postgraduate studies. Students who have an outstanding academic record can apply for the Excellence Award January 2022,which will reduce tuition fees by £2000.

Costs of studies in UK – Buckinghamshire New University

Costs of studies in UK – Buckinghamshire New University is another British university which is offering EU students reduced tuition fees of £9,250. Founded in 1891,it is located in the county of Buckinghamshire and has four campuses, in High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Uxbridge and Great Missenden. Monthly living costs are approximately £800, to cover accommodation, food and transport.

The university specialises in the sciences and technical subjects. It has a number of unique courses, such as Commercial Pilot Training and Film and Television Production. Some of the more popular courses taught here include:

  • Animation
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Building and Construction Engineering
  • Marketing and Media Communication
  • Sports Business Management
  • Banking and Finance
ile kosztują studia w uk - studia za granicą - brexit - studia w wielkiej brytanii - costs of study in uk
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Studying in the UK at the University of the Creative Arts

Opened in 2005, the University of the Creative Arts is the second largest arts university in the UK, and focuses on courses such as art, design, and media. The university has campuses in Canterbury, Epsom, Maidstone, and Rochester in southern England.

The University of the Creative Arts is an ideal choice for people who love the creative process and want to use their creative abilities to streamline others’ lives. This university offers scholarships, which will reduce the tuition fees to £9,250. In addition, you can claim an Early Payment Discount of four per cent , if you pay your tuition fees before the deadline on your particular course has passed.

What does it cost to study in the UK? – De Montfort University Leicester

Situated in central England in Leicester, De Montfort University was founded in 1992. The Guardian British university rankings place De Montfort in 94th position. The university emphasises developing practical skills and preparing students for the job market, and in 2021, it received the National Undergraduate Employability Award.

De Montfort University is a young, vibrant, and developing institution and offers many courses in Art, Design, and the Humanities; Business and Law; Health and Life Sciences; Computing; Engineering; and Media. Among the most popular courses are:

How much does it cost to study and live in Leicester?

The cost of undergraduate and postgraduate tuition at De Montfort University is upwards of £14,000.Nevertheless, the university offers a range of financial aid, including:

This reduces tuition fees by £1500 for the first group of students who register for a course beginning in January 2022. There is a limited number of scholarships available.

A reduction of up to 50 per cent on certain Master’s courses for undergraduates from De Montfort University.

It is awarded to individuals with excellent grades  who are starting their postgraduate course in January 2022. The scholarship is worth £4000 towards tuition fees.

Every student starting in January 2022 is eligible to receive the Early Payment Discount if they pay a minimum of £4000 towards their tuition installments by 31 December 2021.

When it comes to the cost of living, you need to budget £450-600 a month for rent,£100-300 for food and around £60 for transport.

Studying in Great Britain – Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin was founded in 1992, in the east of England, and is one of the largest universities in the UK, with campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford, London and Peterborough. The university specialises in Business and Law; Arts; Humanities and Social Sciences; Health and Education; and Science and Engineering. Bachelor’s tuition fees cost upwards of £13,900, and Master’s degrees  cost from £13,000. You can apply for a Merit Scholarship, which is given to students who gained a minimum of 75 per cent in three expanded  subjects – and is worth £1000. In addition, Anglia Ruskin offers the ARU Bursary, for students whose families’ annual income does not exceed £82,865 – which is worth £300.The Alumni Scholarship reduces postgraduate tuition fees by £3000 and is open to individuals who have finished their undergraduate studies at Anglia Ruskin. If you are unsure whether you qualify for financial aid, do not hesitate to drop Elab an email or call, and we will check for you.

I want to study in Great Britain – what is the next step?

You still have time to organise an application and start studying in the UK in January 2022! The first application deadline is 26 January, so you can manage to choose a course which interests you and upload your documents to UCAS. We can help you with the application process.

During this period, our help is free, and our consultants have many years of experience in helping applicants to study abroad. Don’t hesitate and don’t wait. Get in touch and we can start working together, and ensure you send in an outstanding application to the university of your dreams.

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