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Clearing 2020

What is Clearing 2020 – and how do I apply?

Clearing 2020 is the final allocation of university places for studying in the UK Who can take part and how does it work?

Clearing 2020 is the final opportunity to enrol  for studying in the UK and works slightly differently to the standard application process .In short, applying through Clearing is simpler for many students who have passed their matura.

You apply to one university for one course , by uploading your documents (Personal Statement and Reference). You get an offer…straight away. All you need is to have one telephone conversation (or an online meeting  during Elab’s 2020 Clearing Fair) and you immediately know if you have got a chance of being accepted on the course. You then submit your matura results – and it’s all done.

Who will benefit from taking part in Clearing 2020?

Everyone who sat their matura this year is eligible to take part in Clearing 2020. There are four different circumstances in which you might apply for a place at a British university  right now:

  • You haven’t yet applied to any British university.
  • You submitted applications by the 15 January deadline, but were not offered a place.
  • You applied before the 15 January deadline, but you have decided that you do not want to go to the universities which offered you a place, or you are convinced that you will not get the grades you have been asked for as a condition of acceptance.
  • You have got your matura results and you did not achieve the grades you needed  for your conditional offer.

It is important to note that, this year, you do not need to have your matura results  to take part in Clearing. You will be offered a place on the basis of your application documents and a telephone or video interview.

What do I need to do?

Since most of the offers made in Clearing 2020  will be made after contacting the applicants, we have decided to organise an online fair , in cooperation with British universities. Between 14 and 16  July you will be able to book a personal online meeting with representatives from four leading British universities – three of which are located in London: London South Bank University; University of Westminster; and Brunel University, London. In addition, the University of Southampton, a long-established and highly rated university, will also take part.

Register for a meeting with a university in four easy steps.

Courses available in Clearing 2020

What courses can you apply for from  6 July? There is a huge choice!

The University of Southampton is well-known for its excellent engineering programmes, and you can choose from dozens of specialisms. The courses  are designed to meet the needs of the modern world. For example, Civil Engineering (BEng) will teach you  how to develop your project management skills  and expand your creativity and problem-solving abilities by presenting you with actual, real life challenges. You will learn the theoretical and practical skills you need to become a successful engineer. This course will cover a range of topics, from mechanics, structures ,materials and fluids, to geotechnics, hydraulics and structural design.

Southampton University clearing 2020
Southampton University Clearing 2020

Another engineering course you can apply for at the University of Southampton during Clearing is Biomedical Electronic Engineering (BEng). Become part of the next generation of medical engineers and design and build the medical equipment of the future. Learn the key features of electronic engineering such as digital systems, solid state devices and computer engineering, and combine this with life sciences.

The University of Southampton  has over 300 courses available in Clearing. Book a meeting with a representative from this university  between 14 and 16 July, and  start your chosen course this autumn.

London South Bank University, the University of Westminster and Brunel University are all located in London.  As well as providing you with access to some of the world’s iconic cultural and artistic resources, and vibrant entertainment, London is the capital of business and fashion.

London South Bank is well known for its highly rated marketing courses, among which you can find   options such as BA (Hons) Creative Advertising with Marketing. This course integrates creative practical work with marketing theory  and supports and develops students’ skills, so that they can move into the exciting world of advertising and marketing. The course emphasises practical tasks , and this provides students with an understanding of the realities of working in the world of media  and communication.

london south bank clearing elab 2020
London South Bank University, Clearing 2020

BA (Hons) Marketing with Enterprise and Entrepreneurship is a course which will help you to develop your business skills within the context of marketing. You will gain the self-confidence  and knowledge you need to take on business risks  and be successful, thanks to your ability to show initiative and  embrace inspiration. At the same time, you will  acquire a solid knowledge of business and understand the technical factors, such as planning and building client market share and brand awareness , which lead to marketing success.

London South Bank is offering places on over 130 different courses  in Clearing 2020. Book a meeting with a representative from this university between 1 and 16 July, and start your chosen course this autumn.

Fashion design is an incredibly popular course at the University of Westminster , and now you can apply for this course through Clearing. It is hardly surprising that so many people  want a career in fashion. This university is an excellent choice and has  long enjoyed a positive reputation among its students, as well as many years’ experience of teaching fashion. What are the main features of this course?  The aim of the course is to shape  and educate you to define your personal design philosophy. The course offers hard-working and ambitious students  a comprehensive and multi-faceted education, which will prepare them for a specialised career in the creative fashion sector.

clearing 2020 westminster
University of Westminster, Clearing 2020

Another course you could take at this London university is Animation. This is a fast expanding field, which covers a wide selection of fascinating creative possibilities. An exciting  specialism, this course  will allow you to give free rein to your imagination and creative abilities, as well as providing you with solid knowledge and understanding of the processes , techniques and critical theories which underpin Animation.

The University of Westminster is offering places on over 150 different courses  in Clearing 2020. Book a meeting with a representative from this university between 1 and 16 July, and start your chosen course this autumn.

Brunel University London offers its students access to specialised laboratories  for electronic imaging, bioprocessing, and experimental techniques, flight simulators and3D scanners. Sounds interesting?  Why not opt for Aerospace Engineering? You will learn about the fundamental issues of engineering, such as materials, construction, liquids and mathematics, and you will learn the skills of technical drawing. You will also learn about the principles behind designing aircraft  and specialised subjects such as  propulsion and the testing  and analysis of flight.

clearing 2020
Brunel University London, Clearing 2020

Creative Writing is an excellent option for students who want to be able to convey their ideas in words. You will be taught by talented and original contemporary writers , who have published over 100 books between them, have produced countless screenplays and written for radio and film, as well as received many awards.  This didactic group  includes well-known authors such as Bernardine Evaristo, Hannah Lowe and Mac Kinnings.

Brunel University is offering places on over 200 different courses  in Clearing 2020. Book a meeting with a representative from this university between 1 and 16 July, and start your chosen course this autumn.

Other courses

Criminology, Accounting, English Language and Linguistics, Law, Photography, Software Engineering and hundreds of other courses are open to you through Clearing. You will be able to start studying this autumn!

Why is Clearing so important this year?

Students who begin their courses in 2020 will still be able to apply for a government grant for the duration of the  entire course. The British government issued a statement which  declared that this is the last year that EU students  will be able to get financial loans from the UK government to cover their tuition fees.

Remember that you do not have to have your matura results in order to apply for a place through Clearing. If you are still trying to decide between a number of courses or universities, get in touch with us and we will help you to make the right decision. We also invite you to take part in our online meetings, where you will be able to ask representatives from these four universities any questions.

Elab will help you to apply to any university in Great Britain. Get free support in choosing a course and university, completing your documents or writing a Personal Statement and References during Clearing 2020. Our team has been helping students along the path to study in the UK for many years.

Seize your opportunity and apply through Clearing. It is not too late!